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Easthampton Savings Bank Foundation donates $5,000 to YMCA Project

EASTHAMPTON — Matthew S. Sosik, president and CEO of bankESB, announced that the Easthampton Savings Bank Foundation has awarded a $5,000 grant to the Hampshire Regional YMCA’s Renew and Restore Project.

The grant will support projects like replacing their aging pool water filtration system, converting one restroom to a multi-purpose treatment room, energy efficient HVAC units, motion censored cameras and its Girls Leadership Development Program.

“The Hampshire Regional YMCA is very grateful for the continued support from bankESB,” said Julie Bianco, CEO of the Hampshire Regional YMCA. “The most recent donation helped our Y meet a match challenge from the Amelia Peabody Foundation. We appreciate bankESB’s belief in our goal to strengthen the health of our community.”

The 10,000 annual YMCA users will benefit from the improvements in the building’s air quality, water and equipment. Lowered energy costs from installing energy efficient HVAC units will allow them to use funds to provide more scholarships for their participants.

“The YMCA provides so many programs that positively impacts our community. We are proud to support the club and provide funds to support their most critical needs,” said Sosik.