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Elms College, Baystate Health, TechSpring to Offer Workshop

SPRINGFIELD — The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Elms College has joined forces with Baystate Health and TechSpring to offer a hands-on workshop on problem solving and innovation in the field of healthcare.

“Passionate Problem Solving Workshop” will be held on Saturday, Feb. 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at TechSpring, located at on the fifth floor of 1350 Main St. in Springfield.

Specific challenges arise when leaders work to solve problems, improve systems, and innovate technologies within the complex world of healthcare. This workshop will empower attendees to make meaningful changes within their environments by identifying key stakeholders, communicating effectively, and implementing processes to move ideas from concept to reality.

The following professionals will present at this workshop:

• Alyssa Dassa is an entrepreneurial professional with considerable accomplishments in a variety of industries, including medical devices, veterinary diagnostics, professional development, and real-estate investment. She is the founder and president of Sage Ventures Inc., a professional business consulting, coaching, and education company for new and existing businesses. She has professional expertise in product management, product development, strategic planning, business development, and project management.

• Amanda Garcia is the director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Elms College, and an associate professor of accounting at Elms, teaching accounting, finance, personal finance, financial planning, economics, entrepreneurship, and tax strategy. Garcia has developed curricula for the Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership, MBA, and undergraduate accounting programs. She owns an accounting firm where she prepares taxes and consults on tax strategy for small-business clients, real-estate owners, and investors. She has additional experience in the sales of businesses, mergers, and real-estate transactions.

• Jill McCormick is the innovation director at TechSpring, Baystate Health’s Technology Innovation Center. For the past three years, she has worked with Baystate Health and industry partners to develop a process for collaboration in the development of innovative solutions. Having spent the past 15 years developing new solutions and processes for industry leaders and technology startups, she is a new-product development specialist in the health-tech sector. She is an advisory board member of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Elms College and is co-developing the curriculum for a healthcare-innovation track for both the DNP and MBA programs.

Space is limited. To register, or for more information, visit bit.ly/2D9HnSC. Contact Madelyn Dybdahl at madey@techspringhealth.org or (413) 241-5757 with questions.

In addition, 12 attendees will be eligible for free enrollment in two MBA courses offered by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Elms College: Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Lean Launchpad for Healthcare and LifeSciences.

For those who want to go further, the Elms College MBA track in healthcare innovation gives students the complex skill set needed to create innovative healing environments while transforming healthcare systems locally, nationally, and internationally. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with nurses, medical professionals, and business innovators focused on improving and creating new products, practices, and services in this rapidly changing field.