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Elms College to Host Information Session on New MBA Programs

CHICOPEE — Elms College has continued to grow its MBA program and add new concentrations, with its flexible/hybrid education model allowing students a way to connect and interact with classmates and professors.

To explain all this and more, Elms will host an information session on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 5:30 p.m. in the MBA Office on the third floor of Berchmans Hall. The session will bring together a panel of Elms College MBA graduates from a mix of concentrations and career paths including healthcare, accounting, and management.

“By adding the panel, a person considering graduate education can hear about the experience first-hand and learn how it has affected the graduate’s career and growth,” said Nancy Davis, Elms College MBA, Business Development. “Being able to recognize and evaluate what a MBA can do for you is an extremely important part of the decision-making process.”

The Elms College MBA Program has concentrations in financial planning, accounting, healthcare leadership, entrepreneurship, healthcare innovation, and management. To register for the information session, visit www.elms.edu/mbainfo or contact Davis at davisn@elms.edu or (413) 265-2239.

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