Fazzi Healthcare Solutions Releases Study Findings

NORTHAMPTON — Fazzi Healthcare Solutions, a Northampton-based healthcare research and consulting firm, has announced the findings of its “2013-14 State of the Home Care and Hospice Industry” study.
The largest study of its kind, this national, six-month effort was initiated to identify present and future trends that affect home-care and hospice agencies across the country and the patients that they serve. More than 1,100 participants were interviewed as part of the study. Fazzi acted as facilitator and co-sponsor of the study in conjunction with other industry leaders.
The findings can be found in the free, 44-page report available at fazzi.com.
The goal of the study was to provide agency leaders with insights on industry trends and best practices for the future. Topics addressed included technology and electronic health records, telehealth, new healthcare models, and organizational practices of home health care.
There are more than 12,000 home care agencies and 5,500 hospice agencies in the U.S., serving more than 5 million patients each year, mostly seniors. The U.S. Census Department estimates that the population of people 65 and older is expected to more than double from 43.1 million to 92 million between now and 2060, and those age 85 and older will more than triple to 18.2 million by 2060.
“As the elderly population increases, life expectancy rates increase, and as 45{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} of seniors live with two or more chronic conditions, the demand will increase for home and hospice care,” said Dr. Robert Fazzi, managing partner at Fazzi. “This study will help shed a light on best-practice strategies so that industry leaders can make informed decisions and improve care for patients across the country.”
The study was sponsored by Delta Health Technologies and HealthWyse, and co-sponsored by the Joint Commission, the Community Health Accreditation Program, the National Assoc. for Home Care and Hospice, and the Forum of State Associations. Fazzi, also a co-sponsor, facilitated and authored the study.
Fazzi Associates is a national consulting, benchmarking, and best-practice research firm that specializes in serving the home-health and hospice industry. Its major research projects have included partnerships with organizations such as Philips Corp., 3M Corp., Briggs Corp., Delta Health Technologies, and BlackBerry.

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