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Fitness Fusion in Easthampton Has New Owner

EASTHAMPTON — Brian Lepine recently purchased Fitness Fusion after working at the gym for a year.

Because he had worked at Fitness Fusion for a year with former owner John Glynn, Lepine said the transition was seamless. Fitness Fusion, at 150 Pleasant St., offers personal training in small and large group classes as well as in one-on-one and boot camp-style sessions. The gym also offers nutrition counseling and discounts for families, corporations, and those in the military.

Lepine graduated from the American College of Sports Medicine with a degree in personal training. He feels lucky to have found his passion in training and wants to share it with anyone who is interested in attaining their health and fitness goals.

“There is a sense of support and community here that you can feel from the first time you enter the gym,” Lepine said. “Fitness Fusion is not your average fitness center. Members motivate each other — not just the personal trainers. We work hard and have fun.”

Fitness Fusion welcomes people of all ages and fitness levels. For a calendar of events or to read Lepine’s blog, visit fitnessfusioneasthampton.com. For more information, contact Lepine at (413) 977-3938 or info.fitnessfusion@gmail.com.

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