FMC Blood Donor Programs Accredited

GREENFIELD – Franklin Medical Center has received a two-year accreditation from the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) for both its blood donor and blood transfusion programs, according to David Farrick, CHE, director, Outpatient Services. The accreditation followed an intensive on-site assessment of Franklin Medical Center’s facilities by specially trained AABB assessors and established that the level of medical, technical and administrative performance at Franklin Medical Center meets or exceeds the requirements set by the AABB.


AABB assessors review a facility’s technical, medical and administrative performance. The peer review process reaffirms sound practices and offers useful guidance and recommendations to assist a facility in its endeavor to sustain continuous improvement and innovation.

“The AABB’s accreditation procedures are voluntary,” explained Virginia Blake, manager of Franklin Medical Center’s Laboratory. “We regularly seek AABB accreditation because it assures us that we have achieved excellence by promoting a level of professional and medical expertise with our blood donor and transfusion services. I am proud of our blood bank staff who have continued to successfully maintain AABB accreditation, thus offering our patients and donors the very best care possible.”

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