Franklin’s Mammography Service Now Completely Digital

GREENFIELD — With the installation of its second digital mammography unit, Baystate Franklin Medical Center has completed its transformation to a fully digital mammography service. This represents a major leap forward in the technology used to diagnose breast cancer and other breast-tissue abnormalities.


The Digital Mammography Project is a Baystate Health System-wide initiative, for which Baystate Franklin Medical Center has served as the project’s go-live test site. The Comprehensive Breast Center at Baystate Medical Center launched its service shortly thereafter, and Baystate Mary Lane Hospital will go live in October. Baystate Franklin’s manager of Radiology and Imaging Services, Lynda Zukowski, has been the project leader overseeing the system-wide conversion to digital mammography.

Digital mammography produces very sharp images, including better contrast with greater consistency. Since this technology does not use film, images are available for immediate review.  The radiologist can then manipulate these images to better evaluate the breast tissue.

Dr. Howard Natenshon of Greenfield Radiology Associates, a radiologist who specializes in mammography at Baystate Franklin, said, “the increased resolution on these images enables us to better see through dense breast tissue. We are also able to see considerably more of the breast, all the way out to the skin line. With more information available to us, we can identify breast cancers earlier, when they are smaller and less complicated to treat. The sooner the intervention, the better a woman’s chances will be for a positive outcome.”

Zukowski noted that “we began planning for BFMC’s digital mammography service as part of our overall facility upgrades, and are proud to have created an environment with women’s specific needs and preferences in mind. Digital mammography is not just a new technology; it’s a way to help create a healthier future for the women we serve.”

For more information about the digital mammography service at Baystate Franklin Medical Center or to schedule an appointment for a mammogram, call Access Services at (413) 773-2233.

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