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Future Tense Lecture on Nov. 8 Will Focus on the ‘Power of the Pause’

SPRINGFIELD — The fourth installment of the BusinessWest lecture series Future Tense, titled “Power of the Pause,” will take place on Thursday, Nov. 8 from 8 to 9:30 a.m. at Tech Foundry, 1391 Main St., ninth floor, Springfield.

The lecture, open exclusively to CEOs and business owners, will be delivered by Moira Garvey, senior consultant and facilitator with the Potential Project, and Susan O’Connor, vice president and general counsel at Health New England. The cost is a $25 donation to Tech Foundry. Event sponsors include Paragus IT, the Jamrog Group, and Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.

It’s not easy managing in today’s fast-paced, complex, dynamic work environments. Leaders are required to remain focused in the face of a myriad of commitments, have clarity of mind, ensure they are doing the right things (not just doing ‘things’), and maintain calm in the midst of daily storms. But what if we as leaders could hit the ‘pause’ button during our day, step back, and meet challenges with a sense of space, clarity, and focus? What if there was a way to not just get things done, but ensure that what does get done connects us with ourselves, with the people we work with, and, ultimately, with our organization’s deepest values?

Mindfulness is a compelling tool for performance, teamwork, and effectiveness as well as presence, kindness, and balance. Garvey will share why mindfulness is relevant in the workplace and why companies around the globe are incorporating mindfulness to support workplace performance and employee well-being.

In this session, you will also hear how Springfield-based Health New England brought mindfulness training to its associates. In 2015, HNE ran a pilot to enhance its high-performance culture, with 30 leaders participating in a four-month course. HNE leadership knows the key to success is the ability to work at a high level of mental effectiveness, while also remaining resilient in the face of stress. In many industries, including healthcare, the velocity of change, competition, and complexity are constant challenges. Since the successful pilot, HNE has continued to invest in mindfulness training as a way to fortify a culture of high performance that is focused and intentional. In 2017, 63{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} of the participants held leadership positions.

In the foundational session, Garvey will provide an overview of the nature of the mind and attention, while sharing information on the most recent scientific findings regarding how the brain works and how it can be rewired to enable us to be more focused, calm, and effective at work every day. She will teach a basic mindfulness practice and offer a focus strategy for immediate application.

Metered street parking is available near the venue, and there are several parking-garage options nearby as well. To register, visit businesswest.com/lecture-series-2.

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