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Good Dog Spot to Host Pet CPR and First Aid Course

CHICOPEE, NORTHAMPTON — Many people remember learning CPR and basic first aid in health class, but have you thought about taking a course which covers this topic as it relates to your pet? Jim Helems of Pet Tech has made it easier for pet owners to understand first aid with his PetSaver Training class. He travels throughout the Pioneer Valley offering this training, and next month he will offer this course at the Good Dog Spot.

Pet Tech’s trainings have helped save the lives of thousands of pets. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the one-day course. The cost is $120 and will take place at the Chicopee location (35 C Chicopee St.) on Sunday, Jan. 14 and at the Northampton location (139 King St.) on Sunday, Jan. 21. Interested participants can register by visiting www.gooddogspot.net.

Pet CPR trainees will learn the differences between pet CPR and human CPR, including:

• The way in which CPR is performed varies based on the size of the pet and whether or not they are deep-chested or barrel-chested;

• It’s important to react appropriately to an emergency situation. Assess the situation and know when to perform CPR on the pet;

• Sometimes rushing to the veterinarian is not as effective as preforming CPR right away; and

• Pet CPR involves 30 compressions, two breaths, and will need to be repeated four times.

First-aid training includes the following advice:

• Assess an injury appropriately and know how to stop the bleeding;

• Understand when it’s appropriate to add antiseptic and bandaging;

• Wounds are often hidden by fur and can be small, making them difficult to locate;

• When wounds are not tended to right away, they can lead to major infection; and

• Some wounds can be treated temporarily in the home, but a veterinary appointment should be booked right away.

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