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Greenfield Center for Wellness Set to Open

GREENFIELD — The new CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness, a vision for a more seamless model of care that breaks down barriers and encourages partnership, is set to open this Spring in downtown Greenfield.

The center joins emotional healthcare, primary health, and dental care all together and under one roof.

“The CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness is proud to be a new partner in health care for families in Greenfield and surrounding towns,” said Jim Goodwin, President & CEO of the Center for Human Developmenty. “This is a wonderful new community resource where you can find primary medical care, dental care and counseling for emotional wellness, all under one roof at 102 Main Street in Greenfield, the former Sears building. In creating this new space, we did so with a deep and trusted and partnership grounded in collaboration. This seamless delivery of services will mean better, faster and easier access to care for residents of Greenfield and its many surrounding towns. One center, multiple service deliveries all designed to reduce the complexity of seeing numerous vendors in various locations.”

The CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness is an integrated care partnership of CHD, a CARF-accredited provider of human services in western Mass, and Community Health Center of Franklin County, a federally qualified care organization providing primary medical care and dental care. Both CHD and Community Health Center have been delivering health care in the region for many years.

“CHD invested nearly $6 million to transform an historic building that had long been empty into a new community resource,” said Goodwin. “It combines the physical components of health care, such as preventive screenings, referrals to specialists and immunizations, with clinical services, such as counseling for emotional wellness, and access to wrap around social services such as Community Based Flexible Supports.”

In this Integrated Care setting, primary care providers can refer their clients for individual or family therapy, support dual diagnosis treatment and mentoring services for people who are struggling with addiction, and provide access to a wide range of other services, all in one location. “Integrated Care is much better than the traditional isolated service model that often requires trips from one provider to another, even for health care issues that are connected,” said Goodwin. “CHD Greenfield Center for Wellness puts multiple, complementary services in one location, saving time and money and promoting better outcomes.”