‘Health Care for the Homeless’ Nurse Practitioner Is Honored

SPRINGFIELD — The Mass. Assoc. of Registered Nurses (MARN) has named Judith Mealey the recipient of the 2006 Clinical Excellence Award. Mealey is the Nurse Manager of Health Care for the Homeless at Mercy Medical Center. An 18-year employee of Mercy Medical Center, she is an adult nurse practitioner and a registered nurse.

According to the MARN Web site, the recipient of the award must demonstrate excellence in their clinical practice, provide holistic patient care, act as an advocate for patients and their families, serve as a role model for peers and continue to develop clinical skills. “Even though we face different challenges every day at Healthcare for the Homeless, we also have the ability to take the time we need to spend with each client: whether they need a Band-aid or help sorting out a serious clinical problem,” says Mealey. “Clinical excellence is recognizing what the client expresses as their need, incorporating the needs that you see, and then getting the client the care they need in a way that’s acceptable to them. It’s also important to know your limitations and when to call in a physician.

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