Health New England Offers Tool to Connect Clients to Community Resources

SPRINGFIELD —Health New England’s care-management team has a powerful new tool to help members access help for the many social issues that affect their health, wellness, and safety. Through a partnership with findhelp, formerly known as ‘Aunt Bertha,’ Health New England representatives will have access to a comprehensive directory of community resources to connect people with organizations that can help with basic needs and more.

Health New England members will also have the ability to access the findhelp tool directly at or at the ‘Members’ tab at

“Health New England understands that healthcare is about much more than your vital signs. It involves people’s whole lives and the environmental pressures that affect health outcomes and risks,” said Richard Swift, president and CEO. “People who may not have homes, enough to eat, or diapers for their babies face extraordinary challenges. The stress alone can strongly affect mental health. Using findhelp, Health New England associates can connect members to resources that can help them.”

Health New England care managers are now able to assess members for additional need. When appropriate, they can search on findhelp for resources and directly refer members to agencies while they wait. The care manager will then be able to follow up to ensure the member received the help they needed.

In addition to using findhelp as a resource, Health New England will be able to obtain feedback on organizations or services most frequently sought by members. As a hometown, not-for-profit health plan, the company and its associates have worked and volunteered with many nonprofits in Western Mass. and are well-positioned to suggest new resources to the search tool at