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Health New England Partners with Wellth on BeHealthy Partnership

SPRINGFIELD — Health New England announced a partnership with Wellth, a leading science-backed behavioral change solution that empowers members to prioritize their health and manage chronic conditions. The collaboration will help plan members of BeHealthy Partnership, Health New England’s Medicaid ACO, build lasting healthy habits, strengthen treatment-plan adherence, and reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

BeHealthy Partnership plan members will gain access to Wellth’s customized and easy-to-use digital health solution, which rewards members for taking daily steps toward improving their well-being. Wellth’s personalized and human-centric approach to member engagement has demonstrated powerful results for plans across the country, including a 91% daily user-engagement rate.

The partnership will work to close gaps in care, tackle high-risk health issues, and provide BeHealthy Partnership members with a greater sense of control and personal investment in their treatment plans.

“Member engagement is one of the most critical drivers of a plan’s success, yet results from legacy approaches to this challenge tend to be short-lived,” said Dr. Chrystal Wittcopp, Health New England’s Medicaid medical director. “By collaborating with Wellth, Health New England is reaching out to our BeHealthy Partnership members in a new way that prioritizes their personal needs, incentivizes them to take an active role in their care, and drives effective results for members with multiple chronic conditions and others. Together, we will help our members build healthy, long-term habits that will improve treatment outcomes, reduce costs, and strengthen our connection with our valued members even further.”

Wellth incentivizes members to take consistent steps toward building healthy habits through meaningful daily interactions. By checking in on the company’s app to demonstrate that they are following their treatment plans, members can earn up to $360 annually, helping them pay for crucial items like food, transportation, and other necessities.

“With Medicaid plans across the country facing significant uncertainty in funding for 2024 and beyond, containing costs and managing utilization rates remain top priorities for the plans we serve,” Wellth CEO and co-founder Matt Loper said.

“A plan’s ability to connect with and motivate hard-to-reach member populations is a vital factor in not only achieving these goals, but in building member satisfaction and supporting the health of its community,” he added. “Wellth is proud to partner with Health New England to help its BeHealthy Partnership members follow their daily care plans to improve their quality of life and develop lifelong, sustainable behaviors. Supporting members while reducing costs for health plans is a win for everyone.”