Hyundai Hope on Wheels to Present Baystate Children’s Hospital with $100,000

SPRINGFIELD — Hyundai Hope on Wheels will present Baystate Children’s Hospital a $100,000 Impact Grant on Monday, Oct. 2 at 4 p.m. at 50 Wason Ave., Springfield.

The Hyundai Hope on Wheels Impact Grant was established to provide funding for research and programmatic support for the selected institution’s pediatric oncology department. In 2023, Hyundai Hope on Wheels celebrates its 25th anniversary with $25 million in pediatric cancer research and programmatic grants, bringing the organization’s donation total to $225 million since Hyundai joined the fight against pediatric cancer in 1998.

“While we are thrilled that we are now able to cure over 80% of children with cancer, our goal is to get to 100%,” said Dr. Dan Wechsler, a member of the Hyundai Hope on Wheels medical advisory committee. “Appropriate funding is critical to ensure that doctors, scientists, and institutions continue their cutting-edge research.”

During the event, children battling cancer at Baystate Children’s Hospital will participate in the Hyundai Hope on Wheels’ signature handprint ceremony, in which they’ll dip their hands in paint and place their handprints on a white Hyundai Tucson. Their colorful handprints on the Tucson will represent their individual and collective journeys, hopes, and dreams.