JGS Lifecare to Host ‘Meet the Pharmacist: Medication Management Therapy’

LONGMEADOW — JGS Lifecare invites the public to “Meet the Pharmacist: Medication Management Therapy” on Wednesday, Dec. 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. The free event will be held on the JGS Lifecare campus at Ruth’s House Assisted Living Residence, 780 Converse St., Longmeadow.

The event will feature Daniel LaMontagne, a board-certified geriatric pharmacy specialist and a licensed pharmacist who is legally and clinically qualified to consult with geriatric patients about how to optimize their medication therapy. The presentation will include a discussion about medication interactions and their potential effects.

“For most patients over age 65 who take five or more prescriptions, a medication review is appropriate,” said LaMontagne. “This is typically performed in-person but can be done remotely with adequate technology.”

LaMontagne noted that a thorough medication review takes about 90 minutes, is tailored to fit the specific goals of the patient or caregiver, and may be covered by insurance. It commonly includes therapy changes, de-prescribing inappropriate medications, identifying and maximizing the use of effective non-drug therapy options when possible, improving independence, identifying gaps in therapy (untreated conditions), and comfort-care and life-therapy questions.

This event is free and open to the public through JGS LifeEd. Attendees are encouraged to bring a list of their medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. A raffle will be held for a free medication counseling session ($200 value), and light refreshments will be provided. To register, call (413) 567-6212, ext. 3105, or e-mail lpayson@jgslifecare.com. For more information, visit jgslifecare.org/events.

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