Lenox Softworks Releases Mac Version of Microscope Program

LENOX — For professionals ranging from physicians to lab technicians, a sophisticated tool integral to their professions just got better, and more available.

The software development firm Lenox Softworks (LSW) has announced the launch of a new, Mac-compatible version of LX-ProScope HR, a customized version of the LUXUS software used with handheld, USB microscopes.

Patrick Consolati, product manager, said these capabilities make the LX ProScope HR applicable to a number of industries, but its uses in health care are particularly diverse.

“It’s used often in health care fields such as dermatology to evaluate skin changes, creating a digital record of any fluctuations in a skin spot’s color or size, or evaluating the overall health of skin and hair,” he said.

“In addition, this is a powerful tool to help patients better understand their own conditions. Treatment recommendations can then be made, and movies and snapshots can be archived for later reference and comparison. At future appointments, progress or regression can be tracked, and changes to treatment made, if necessary.”

Using the enhanced software, LX ProScope HR provides for images to be captured at various screen resolutions, using an array of interchangeable, fixed lenses that magnify up to 400x.

It can also display annotations, calculate angle and area measurements accurate to ten-thousandths of a decimal place, capture a still photographs or a QuickTime movie, and create a time-lapse film. Additionally, the software allows for the inclusion of images, lines, crosshairs, and other features that make further computations and analyses possible.

The Windows version of the software was released by LSW last year. In addition to the Mac launch this month, Consolati said a host of new features have also been added to enhance both versions.

“We’ve added more functionality,” he said. “The free software that comes with these handheld microscopes can only observe; this is an effort to add the ability to make and record calculations, making the product more useful overall.”

Luxus LX-ProScope HR was originally conceived in 2003 through a collaboration between LSW and Bodelin Technologies, a technology and educational-product distributor based in Lake Oswego, Ore. For more information on the company, visit www.luxussoftware.com.

Lenox Softworks is a software-development company offering custom solutions in E-business and educational software to its clients across the U.S. For more information about the company, visit www.lsw.com.

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