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Lighthouse Clubhouse Hosts Open House Today to Bring Awareness to Mental Health

SPRINGFIELD — Lighthouse, a program of Viability, will host an open house today, May 22 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 1401 State St., Springfield. The public is invited to tour the facility, meet staff and members, enjoy a meal, and be entered into a raffle to win prizes.

The clubhouse model of rehabilitation is an international movement driven by the belief in recovery through work, providing members with a supportive environment to increase their vocational, educational, and social skills.

“I like coming to Lighthouse because it gives me a place to go and it makes me feel wanted and expected,” said Robert Fournier, a clubhouse member. “Coming here is good because I don’t feel isolated at home and I can get involved in the community. They even helped me find temporary employment.”

With one in four people living with mental illness in America, our goal is to recruit more members and keep advocating and educating employers to create more opportunities for these individuals recovering from mental-health conditions.