Linda Manor Earns Perfect Survey

LEEDS — After the Department of Public Health completed its annual survey at Linda Manor Extended Care Facility, it issued a report that is rare in Massachusetts: deficiency free.

A deficiency-free result in the state’s rigorous annual examination is one of the top indications of excellence for nursing facilities. In perhaps the most regulated industry within the Commonwealth and across the nation, nursing facilities are thoroughly surveyed and rated on core criteria including quality care, safety, administration, food service, nursing care, and patient rights.

“As Berkshire Healthcare continues to pursue excellence, we are proud to stand with the staff at Linda Manor as they are recognized for their hard work, compassionate care, and unyielding commitment to provide quality services to their community,” said William Jones, President of Berkshire Healthcare Systems. “They inspire and motivate all of us as we execute our vision.”

The unannounced inspections by representatives from the DPH are conducted annually, nine to 15 months following the prior survey. This evaluation, conducted by a team consisting of at least one registered nurse and social worker, includes a review of residents’ and patients’ clinical records, a thorough tour of the facility, and interviews with residents, patients, family members, and staff members.

This honor is the most recent in a series of outstanding accomplishments by Linda Manor, including the distinguished American Healthcare Assoc. National Silver Quality Award, customer satisfaction results at the 97th percentile rank in the nation, and staff satisfaction results at the 95th percentile rank in the nation, all for 2011.

“It takes an entire team effort at all levels,” said Linda Manor Administrator Mark Ailinger. “We are committed to providing the highest level of care to ensure excellent clinical outcomes, but we are just as focused on developing strong relationships with our residents and their families.”