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Louis & Clark Pharmacy in Springfield Unveils High-speed, Vial-filling Robot

SPRINGFIELD — Louis & Clark Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy that has provided convenient, safe, and reliable prescription solutions to individuals, assisted living, independent living, group homes, and memory-care communities since 1965, announced a new medication management solution: a high-speed, vial-filling robot. The Parata Max 2 is the latest innovative solution the pharmacy has implemented in prescription services.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the Max 2 is the next generation of vial-dispensing technology. Using barcoding on both the inventory bottle and dispensing cell, the robot verifies a match, ensuring that an accurate drug and total dosage is put into each vial.

“We are so pleased to offer our customers and the community on the whole a faster and safer solution,” said Dr. Kara James, pharmacy manager and co-owner. “The automation process will ensure accurate vial accuracy and allow our pharmacists to devote even more time to customer care.”

A unique feature of the Max 2 is its camera and pinch-to-zoom functionality, allowing pharmacists the ability to view and enlarge images of every vial prior to capping. This visual inspection is an added safeguard Louis & Clark offers customers.

“Even with the robot in place, we will always implement a human element to the vial-filling process,” James said. “These checks and balances help to keep members of our community safe and healthy.”