Mary Lane Physician Will Present ‘The Bug Collection’

WARE — The influenza virus, MRSA, Lyme disease, or GI illness (the stomach flu) can happen any time of the year, according to Morgan Gilmore, RN, Infection Control officer at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital.

“With H1N1 [swine flu] the hot topic in the news, there is currently a heightened concern in our community about illness and how people can protect themselves and their family from getting sick. The good news is, many viruses and bacteria-causing illnesses can be avoided by following a few simple steps,” said Gilmore.

The community is invited to attend a seminar, “The Bug Collection,” to be staged at Baystate Mary Lane Hospital on Aug. 6, from 6 to 7:30 pm. Gilmore will offer the latest information about viruses, germs, and other illnesses, how they spread, and, most importantly, ways to avoid catching them.

“Understanding what surfaces are most likely to be a source of contamination and how long viruses and germs live outside the body is the first step to protecting yourself from getting sick,” said Gilmore. “Washing your hands often is most important because one of the most common ways that people become ill is by rubbing their noses and eyes after their hands have been contaminated by a germ or virus.

“The common cold, the flu, and other viruses strike almost all of us,” Gilmore continued. “In fact, the average American adult will catch two to four colds over the course of a year. I will offer participants a few easy habits that will reduce their chances of getting sick.”

The lecture will also include up-to date-information about the H1N1 virus, Lyme disease caused by tick bites, as well as what to do what to do if you get sick and when to see a physician. Registration is required by calling Baystate Health Link at (413) 967-2488.

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