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Massachusetts Dental Society Inks Exclusive Partnership with Bento

SOUTHBOROUGH — The Massachusetts Dental Society (MDS), a statewide organization serving approximately 5,000 member dentists, has named Bento, a dental-benefits-management software platform, as an exclusive partner to provide its members a modern alternative to insurance. Bento helps organizations of any size to self-insure and customize their dental benefit.

“The Massachusetts Dental Society’s mission is to help our member dentists succeed as oral-health providers by bringing them the latest in technology, education, and advocacy,” said MDS Executive Director Dr. Robert Boose. “Bento has built a software platform that represents a great opportunity for our members to connect directly with their patients and build strong relationships with them based on clarity and trust.”

The partnership also will include a continuing-education component that will help MDS member dentists with best-practice information on dental economics, preservation of patient relations, and more.