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Mercy Medical Center Adds Robotic Navigation System for Spine Procedures

SPRINGFIELD — Mercy Medical Center has purchased the ExcelsiusGPS robotic navigation platform. This revolutionary robotic guidance and navigation system is the world’s first technology to combine a rigid robotic arm and full navigation capabilities into one adaptable platform for accurate trajectory alignment in spine surgery.

“At Mercy Medical Center, we are committed to providing the safest and highest quality of care for our patients,” said Deborah Bitsoli, president of Mercy Medical Center and its affiliates. “We look forward to the positive impact the Globus ExcelsiusGPS will have on our patient care.”

The ExcelsiusGPS system is designed to improve accuracy and optimize patient care by using robotics and navigation. The technology provides patients with less invasive and more precise surgery with a significant reduction in recovery time, smaller incisions, and less tissue damage.

“This technology is groundbreaking in the field of spine surgery,” said Dr. Frederik Pennings, neurosurgeon at Mercy Medical Center’s Minimally Invasive Spine Center of New England. “It uses navigation technology, imaging, and robotics that provide incredible benefits to our patients.”

The Minimally Invasive Spine Center of New England at Mercy Medical Center provides minimally invasive procedures covering the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Other procedures include artificial disc replacement for neck herniations, mini-thoracotomy for thoracic disc herniations, and approaches to the lumbar spine through a small incision in the flank to treat degenerative scoliosis, spinal instability, or spinal stenosis.