MicroTek Receives Disability Employment Awareness Award

CHICOPEE — MicroTek Inc., a not-for-profit manufacturer of custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies, received the inaugural National Disabilities Awareness Month award for small to medium-sized Massachusetts companies, presented at the Massachusetts State House.

MicroTek, founded in 1983, was established to provide employment opportunities and support to individuals with developmental disabilities. MicroTek is led by an all-women volunteer board of directors. Inclusivity and diversity efforts are administrated under the guidance of Executive Vice President Erin Weinman.

“This award highlights that businesses are successful and benefit when we invest in creating a more inclusive workforce,” Weinman said. “We hope that this award and the commission’s celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month shines a light on a valuable pool of potential employees who are ready and motivated to put their talents to work.”

Also speaking at the award ceremony were MicroTek employees Jared Baillargeon and Michael Green, both assemblers at the Chicopee manufacturing facility.

“It makes me feel good that we are recognized as an employer that hires people with disabilities,” Baillargeon said. “It’s been 15 years since I started working at MicroTek, and I like the people and the safe facility.”

Added Green “MicroTek is not just a job. I’ve always felt a family atmosphere since day one. I consider all of us family. Some of us have more disability than others, but we all get treated the same.”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kate Walsh presented the keynote and spoke about the state’s support for employing people with disabilities.

“When we prioritize hiring people with disabilities, everyone wins. We can address the ongoing workforce crisis, foster independence, and become a stronger workforce with a better understanding of the lived experience of people with disabilities,” Walsh said. “We need to take this opportunity to break down stigma and become more inclusive. I’m grateful to the commission for their efforts, as well as to our own staff at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and other agencies who provide opportunities for people every day to find paths to employment for people with disabilities across the state.”