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MiraVista Interviewing, Hiring Nurses Virtually on Tuesday Afternoons

HOLYOKE — MiraVista Behavioral Health Center is offering virtual hiring interviews for nurses from noon to 2 p.m. in September and October. The psychiatric hospital for adults and adolescents has been expanding services and sees the virtual interviews, which run from Sept. 12 through Oct. 24, as a key recruitment tool moving forward.

“We are looking to hire registered nurses, including nurse managers and nursing house supervisors, for our new and existing units. Given the flexibility these virtual events provide, which truly are reflective of the responsive environment which exists at MiraVista, they are a here-to-stay tool vital for recruitment,” said Alicia Morel, Talent Acquisition specialist at MiraVista. “Remote interviews are a convenient option for many job seekers, allowing employers to cast a wide net geographically.”

Surveys indicate growing usage of virtual recruitment resources among employers. They show that the majority of employers with virtual interviews plan to continue to use them and that more than two-fifths of employers have the capability now to do such interviews.

“We have had other virtual hiring events over the last two years, and our flexibility has paid off,” Morel said. “Having the ability to recruit through online events is a definite plus for the employer and an option that accommodates many candidates eager to learn more about MiraVista.”

Morel added that the process for taking part in the behavioral-health center’s virtual event is quick and simple via a short online form. Interviews will then be scheduled with a nurse recruiter and then, for qualified candidates, a virtual interview with the nurse manager.

“There is great demand today for addiction-medicine and mental-health services,” Morel said. “We provide both here at MiraVista, and our website and virtual hiring events are designed to make the process of joining team MiraVista as accessible as possible to all interested job seekers.”

Click here for more information and to register for MiraVista’s virtual hiring event.