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Monson Savings Bank Seeks Community Input on Charitable Giving

MONSON — For the seventh year in a row, Monson Savings Bank (MSB) is asking the community to help plan the bank’s community-giving activities by inviting people to vote for the organizations they would like the bank to support during 2017.

“Every year we donate over $100,000 to organizations doing important work in the communities we serve,” said Steve Lowell, president of MSB. “For several years now, we’ve been asking the community for input on which groups they’d like us to support, and we’ve been so pleased by how many people participate. We have learned of new organizations through this process, and we also just like the idea of asking our community for input. As a community bank, we think that’s important.”

To cast their vote, people can go to www.monsonsavings.bank/about-us/vote-community-giving. On that page, they can see a list of organizations the bank has supported in previous years, and provide up to three names of groups they’d like the bank to donate to in 2017. The only requirement is that the organizations be nonprofit and providing services in Ware, Hampden, Monson, or Wilbraham.

The voting ends at 3 p.m. on Jan. 18, 2017. The bank pledges to support the top 10 vote getters and will announce who they are by the end of January.

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