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Monson Savings Bank Wins Health New England’s Step-Up Fitness Challenge

MONSON — Employees at Monson Savings Bank outstepped a team of town of Monson employees to win the Monson Step-Up Fitness Challenge, a walking competition run by Health New England.

From June 1-21, Monson Savings Bank’s team of 56 employees walked, on average, 4.5 miles per day compared with town of Monson employees, who walked approximately three miles per day.

In total, over the 21 days of the competition, Monson Savings Bank employees walked 5,230 miles, averaging 96 miles per person. The town of Monson team walked 1,158 miles, averaging 61 miles per person. In honor of their win, Health New England is donating $500 to Educare of Springfield, the bank’s chosen charity.

“I could not be prouder of the team at Monson Savings Bank and salute our friends with the town of Monson; the Monson Step-Up Fitness Challenge helped keep us motivated as we burned calories and cleared our heads simply by taking walks,” said Dan Moriarty, president and CEO of Monson Savings Bank.

The town of Monson team, led by administrator Jennifer Wolowicz, may not have won the competition, but they earned the health benefits of walking regularly.

“The challenge was all about encouraging our employees to take care of themselves. We also wanted to beat the team at Monson Savings Bank, but reaping the benefits of healthier lives has its own rewards,” Wolowicz said.

Health New England facilitated the competition to promote healthy living and wellness for the employees. Walking strengthens the heart, burns calories, protects joints, and helps mental health.

“Monson Savings Bank and the town of Monson are both so dedicated to helping their employees reach their best health,” said Timothy Chrystal, director of Sales for Health New England. “We’re happy to help them motivate their employees with a little healthy competition.”