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New England Center for Functional Medicine Introduces Lifestyle Educators

SPRINGFIELD — New England Center for Functional Medicine has added two new team members in the newly created role of lifestyle educator to support patients in implementing their personalized health plans.

Stacey Duquette and Saskia Coté, the center’s new lifestyle educators, are highly trained specialists who work one-on-one with patients to expand and elaborate their personalized health plan. Both have worked in the Holistic Health field for more than 25 years and bring a wealth of knowledge around personal health, nutrition, and exercise.

Lifestyle education helps patients understand and implement their health plans and develop personalized strategies. This support also introduces new techniques to help improve patients’ sleep patterns, stress management, nutrition, and exercise. With the center’s new lifestyle educators, patients can work on and revise lifestyle plans as they experience success and are ready to address broader areas of lifestyle modification. Some topics covered within a lifestyle-educator visit include brainstorming and organizing a grocery list, building a customized item list for a kitchen pantry, meal planning and finding new recipe sources, and developing a stress-management ritual including yoga or meditation practice.

New England Center for Functional Medicine is a functional and personalized lifestyle medicine practice. The center models the healing process as a collaborative effort between the doctor and patient to create a customized plan to meet each patient’s specific needs. Its integrative and holistic teaching model focuses on the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. The center is committed to empowering patients in order to create healthy and positive changes in all parts of their lives.

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