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O&P Labs Acquired by Ortho Dev America Corp.

SPRINGFIELD — Orthotics & Prosthetics Laboratories Inc. (O&P Labs) of Springfield, Northampton, and Pittsfield announced that it has been acquired by Ortho Dev America Corp. (ODA), a leader in orthotics and prosthetics, with more than 70 patient-care facilities in the U.S.

O&P Labs will now be able to benefit from ODA’s comprehensive resources and growth opportunities, while continuing to provide state-of-the-art services and products that patients have come to expect.

The official acquisition took place on March 31. James Haas, director of Operations and former president, noted that nothing has altered for O&P Labs after the acquisition by ODA, and will continue to operate as normal with the same management team and patient-care model. O&P Labs provides a full range of quality orthotic and prosthetic devices and services, specializing in custom-made braces and prosthetic limbs.

“We now have tremendous resources to draw from, creating opportunities to grow as a company and to better serve our patients,” Haas said.

ODA is a division of Eqwal Group, the largest patient-care network in France, and one of the largest internationally, dedicated to providing the best care and improvement for patients and employees. Eqwal is known for developing the Rodin4D global CAD/CAM solution for orthopedics, and, more recently, for acquiring Steeper Group, which specializes in prosthetics, orthotics, and assistive technology.