Picture This

Meeting Workforce Needs

The Certified Nurse Aide and Home Health Aide Program, a collaborate efforts between Training Resources of America Inc. and Wingate Healthcare, recently graduated 11 students. The program helps participants learn new skills, develop self-confidence, and successfully transition into the workplace. It also provides a pool of qualified applicants to meet the needz of local area nursing homes and medical facilities. Pictured are: rear, Ivonne Tirado, Meghan Perez, Keyanna Daniels, William Valentin, Meghan Baker, and Elizabeth Diaz; front, Annecellis Beauchamp, Sugeily Diaz, Elizabeth Resto, and Amanda Mezzetti. Absent from the photo is Kanei Eddington.

Worthy Cause

More than 240 people attended a recent fund-raiser to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, raising more than $60,000. Pictured here are Charlie and John Bonatakis of Raymond James Associates; Charlie Bonatakis sits on the board of directors at the Ronald McDonald House.