Pioneer Women’s Health Expanding to Whately Office

WHATELY — Baystate Medical Practices – Pioneer Women’s Health (BMP-PWH), whose practitioners are all on staff at Baystate Franklin Medical Center, recently opened a branch office at 424 State Road in Whately to better meet the needs of South County residents. Pioneer Women’s main office is still located at 48 Sanderson St. in Greenfield.

The new site, at the intersection of Routes 5 & 10 and Route 116, is located just over the South Deerfield town line, and is open five days a week. Anne Corrinet, CNM, a certified nurse midwife with Pioneer Women’s Health, is in the Whately office three days a week; other midwives are rotating coverage on the other two days, and a full-time nurse sees patients five days a week. Patients are able to schedule visits at whichever office location is more convenient to them.

“This is actually a re-opening of our office in Whately,” said Dr. Christie Miller, an obstetrician/gynecologist and medical director of Pioneer Women’s Health. “What’s new is that it is now a full-service office, making it that much more convenient for our patients who live in the area.”

Miller added, “Pioneer Women’s Health has an excellent group of providers serving women in Franklin County and surrounding communities. This year, we recruited two new physicians, with our collaborative practice now consisting of six certified nurse midwives and four physicians. With additional staff plus our new location, we will offer patients less crowded offices and decreased wait times for their appointments.”

Baystate Medical Practices – Pioneer Women’s Health provides a broad range of obstetric and gynecological services, including many in-office procedures such as Essure hysteroscopic tubal sterilization, which requires no abdominal incisions; and endometrial ablation, a treatment option for women with exceptionally heavy menstrual bleeding.

“We are also the only practice in the Valley that offers water births for our patients in the Birthplace at Baystate Franklin Medical Center,” said Miller. “And in partnership with the hospital’s nursing staff, as part of our “Listening to the Newborn” program, we are instituting several proven birthing techniques that are gentler and less interventional than many of the standard practices. Progressive in our philosophy, both at the hospital and in our offices, we strive to create a respectful atmosphere in which our patients feel welcome, heard, and in charge of their health care decisions.”

The new Whately office shares the Greenfield office phone number; to schedule an appointment at either location, call (413) 773-2200.

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