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Professional Women’s Chamber to Present Woman of the Year Award to Beth Cardillo

SPRINGFIELD — The Professional Women’s Chamber invites the community to join in celebrating the 2020 Woman of the Year: Beth Cardillo, executive director of Armbrook Village. This event, usually held in-person, will be presented virtually this year on Thursday, Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. by Rise Event Production and Chikmedia, two local, women-owned businesses.

The award is presented annually to a woman in Western Mass. who exemplifies outstanding leadership, professional accomplishment, and service to the community. Attendees can tune in live on the Professional Women’s Chamber Facebook page. The event is free.

“I am flattered and humbled to receive this prestigious award,” Cardillo said. “What sets me apart from all the other fabulous women that work to improve the quality of life for others — I would say absolutely nothing.”

Born in New York City, Cardillo moved to Massachusetts with her family as a teenager. As her parents were activists, her first march was at the United Nations against nuclear-bomb testing when she was 3 years old — and she hasn’t stopped marching yet. Her father was a newspaper journalist and editor and had a public-relations business. She’s always learned to be a change maker in the world for equity and peace, to keep questioning authority, taking risks, trusting her intuitions, embracing change, and asking questions. She’s proud of being a part of the generation that stopped the Vietnam War, and she still expresses her activism to this day while married with three kids and two grandchildren. Kayaking, traveling, friends, and family are her passions when she’s not doing any of the above.

“I feel like I should be sharing this award with everyone. So congratulations to you as well for doing all the hard work each and every one of you do daily,” Cardillo said. “I have always asked questions, acted curious, stood up for my beliefs, had a vision, found my voice, been a bit of a rebel, been accessible, thought big, and, of course, followed the motto since the ’60s: think globally, act locally. Education does not end with a diploma; it’s a lifelong process, as well as a purpose. Lastly, have fun every day!”

The Professional Women’s Chamber (PWC) works to empower career-oriented women through participation in leadership, education, and networking opportunities, striving to strengthen the positive impact of women in the business community and on the economy. All individuals in the community are invited to attend this event.

“We are truly excited to honor Beth as our 2020 Professional Women’s Chamber Woman of the Year” chamber President Gillian Amaral said. “Her tenacity and leadership truly embody what the PWC stands for.”