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Quabbin Health District Selected for IMPACT in Public Health Program

WARE — The Quabbin Health District has been selected for the inaugural cohort of a new program from the de Beaumont Foundation, called Innovative, Multi-sector Partnerships for Community Transformation (IMPACT) in Public Health. IMPACT in Public Health aims to catalyze and support partnerships between governmental public-health departments and the private sector, with the goal of strengthening the economic prosperity of communities by advancing public health and equity in identified areas of shared interest.

Five partnership teams in communities across the U.S. will receive funding and technical assistance to establish, develop, and begin to implement programs that address upstream contributors to local health outcomes over a 15- month period. The Quabbin Health District will be working with Quabbin Wire & Cable Co. Inc, Quaboag Valley Community Development Corp.; and Quaboag Hills Substance Use Alliance to embark on this grant opportunity with de Beaumont Foundation to advance community health in the Belchertown, Pelham, and Ware communities, aiming to engage and empower the Quabbin Health District and local businesses to address health and social disparities that can lead to decreased economy.

The grant would allow recruiting of more businesses to participate in strategies to reduce unemployment in the communities and to connect those who live and work in Ware and Belchertown to local resources available in order to address health and social disparities and reduce barriers affecting employment.

“Our local businesses contribute immeasurably to the prosperity of the region by providing good jobs, training and development, and important benefits to support individual and family well-being,” said Stacy Gilmour, vice president of Human Resources and Corporate Services for Quabbin Wire & Cable. “The health of businesses is closely tied to the health of the community, so it is vital to focus on this relationship. The grant will help strengthen these connections and lay the groundwork for health equity and community development.”

Andrea Crete, Quabbin Health District’s Public Health director, added that “the district is excited to partner with local businesses and industry to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the communities.”

To learn more about the project and follow developments from IMPACT in Public Health, visit www.debeaumont.org/impact-public-health.