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Rays of Hope to Deliver $20,000 to Cancer House of Hope

WEST SPRINGFIELD — On Wednesday, Sept. 2 at 1 p.m., the Baystate Health Foundation’s Rays of Hope will deliver $20,000 in funding to the Cancer House of Hope, 1999 Westfield St., West Springfield, to support vital programming for those battling cancer, including breast-cancer support groups, Reiki, massage therapy, relaxation, and support groups for loved ones and families. To date, Rays of Hope has granted a total of $230,000 in funding to support the work of Cancer House of Hope.

“Cancer House of Hope exists solely because of the generosity of individual donors and foundations like Rays of Hope,” said Jerry Myers, program director for the Cancer House of Hope, a program of the Center for Human Development (CHD). “All services are provided free of charge and benefit people in the local area. Rays of Hope support has helped bring comfort and dignity to those in need. Our members, volunteers, and staff are humbled by their continual support. We thank them for making a difference, and truly appreciate their generosity.”

CHD’s Cancer House of Hope provides cancer support services and educational and wellness programs free of charge to people facing this devastating disease, as well as their families and friends. People learn coping strategies alongside others who understand their concerns and take comfort in knowing they are not alone.

From June 2014 to May 2015, the Cancer House of Hope had 1,923 visits; 31{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} were for Reiki therapy, 28{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} for yoga, 6.7{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} for massage therapy, and 5{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} for relaxation. Of those visits, 42.6{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} were members affected by breast cancer.

CHD, founded in 1972, is a CARF-accredited organization providing a broad range of community-oriented human services to 17,000 children, adolescents, adults, and families each year. The organization is dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and protecting the dignity and welfare of people in need. For more information, visit www.chd.org.

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