River Valley Counseling Center Participates in Health Care Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week

HOLYOKE — Keeping up its tradition of encouraging employees to follow the highest of standards, River Valley Counseling Center (RVCC) participated in Health Care Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week on Nov. 3-9. The recognition week is organized each year by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics & Health Care Compliance Assoc. 

“In the world of healthcare, compliance changes are expected and welcomed as we work to provide the highest-quality care for our clients,” said Rosemarie Ansel, executive director of RVCC. “Embracing Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week each year is one of the many ways we remind staff of our commitment to meeting those standards.”

As a part of its efforts, RVCC engaged all employees in a week-long game of ‘compliance bingo.’ Throughout the week, many RVCC team members won prizes and were recognized for their commitment to compliance. One example included front-desk staff being tested on their knowledge of vendor visiting protocol.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week is an extension of RVCC’s ongoing compliance and ethics program, which is headed by Nancy Gentile, senior director of Compliance and Operations. RVCC has a code of conduct that all employees are expected to follow. The code calls on employees to “be committed to the highest level of ethical conduct in all areas of our organization. We are committed to doing business according to all applicable state, federal, or local laws. This applies to customers we serve, our staff, and purchasers of our services. Unethical or illegal behavior harms the agency and its customers, eroding the trust that is necessary to be successful in performing our mission. Our code is guided by core values that influence the day-to-day operations of our business. These values support our mission and include honesty, integrity, responsibility, professionalism, excellence, fairness, and respect.”

Company-wide compliance and ethics education, held annually, allows RVCC to roll out new and updated compliance and ethics program policies and reinforce with employees their compliance and ethics obligations. Participation in Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week offers an additional opportunity to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance and ethics and boost compliance culture.