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Second Chance Receives $50,000 Grant from ASPCA to Help Care for Homeless Pets

NORTH BROOKFIELD — The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (ASPCA) awarded Second Chance Animal Services a $50,000 grant to help care for medically needy pets in its animal relocation program.

Pets with extensive medical needs are often turned away from other shelters because they don’t have the resources to help. With an expanding nonprofit veterinary hospital system, Second Chance works with the ASPCA and a network of animal shelters along the East Coast to help these pets in peril in overcrowded shelters.

The grant will help pets that arrive at the organization’s Almost Home transport facility in North Brookfield. Pets in transports that cross state lines must meet a state-mandated 48-hour quarantine period. They get a full checkup by the Second Chance veterinary staff to determine what each pet needs prior to adoption. Their medical needs range from basic vaccines and spay/neuter surgery to treatment for heartworm or advanced dental disease, and in some cases surgery for prior injuries or illness. They are brought to the adoption center once cleared and when space is available.