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Second Chance Seeks Additional Funding for Completion of Hospital, Education Center

SOUTHBRIDGE — Work on the Southbridge Community Veterinary Hospital and Bay Path Veterinary Center at Second Chance continues as Second Chance Animal Services looks to secure an additional $100,000 in funding to cover cost increases incurred due to COVID-19.

Second Chance CEO Sheryl Blancato, who publicly announced the $1 million project in December 2019, has worked to keep the project on track despite the challenges of 2020. “We designed this project in 2019 to help provide access to veterinary care for pets in the very underserved Southbridge community. In the year that followed, the needs of pets in the community have only increased, and we could not let them down.”

Blancato noted that the rise in material costs due to the COVID-related lumber shortage is just part of the project cost increase. Bay Path students who were scheduled to help with many aspects of the project were sidelined in the spring when schools had to move to a virtual model, and additional contractors had to be hired to keep the project on track. While the students are now back on site, their time has been limited, faced with a hybrid schedule in addition to finishing up last year’s Bay Path home project.

Businesses and individuals interested in supporting the project are encouraged to visit www.secondchanceanimals.org/southbridge to view sponsorship opportunities.