Sedation-focused Dental Practice Reduces Fear

FLORENCE — Visiting the dentist consistently shows up on lists of people’s top fears, along with fear of heights, flying, and public speaking. So it’s no surprise that some people put off dental treatment for years, even decades.

With the relocation of Dr. Sue Keller’s Strong & Healthy Smiles office to Main Street in Florence, people with dental anxieties can achieve a healthy smile while being comfortably sedated. Conscious-sedation dentistry allows more treatment in fewer visits, while patients are relaxed and have little or no memory of the visit.

“People who have a strong fear of pain or who have experienced a trauma in the dentist’s office often wait to go to the dentist again until they’re in severe pain. When they show up fearful and in pain, it’s often harder to treat them,” Keller said.

“The traditional dental model of working on one tooth at a time is inconceivable for these patients. Add in missed time from work and sleepless nights worrying about the next day’s visit, and the last thing they want is to have to endure 10 to 15 dental visits to get healthy again. At my office, they can have complicated dental problems taken care of in one or two longer visits while feeling relaxed and comfortable.”

Keller’s new office in Florence, open since April, offers heated massage chairs, neck cushions, a personal video/DVD system, and a beverage bar. Anyone seeking more information on using sedation to receive comprehensive dental treatment can call Strong & Healthy Smiles at (413) 586-9363 or go to www.strongandhealthysmiles.com.

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