Smith College Pledges $150,000 To CDH Capital Campaign

NORTHAMPTON – Smith College recently announced a commitment of $150,000 to Cooley Dickinson Hospital’s Caring for the Future fundraising campaign, and supports a two-year, $50 million building project that will expand the hospital’s core services. 

“Access to a first-class community hospital is a valuable resource for our students, staff and faculty,” said Smith President Carol T. Christ. “We are pleased to be able to play a part in Cooley Dickinson’s future.”

“As the two largest employers in Northampton, Smith College and Cooley Dickinson are both committed to the vitality of our region,” said Craig N. Melin, president and CEO of Cooley Dickinson Hospital. “I am tremendously appreciative of Smith’s gift, not only for its impact upon Cooley Dickinson and the quality of care we provide, but for what it says about our joint commitment to assuring the best for the quality of life in the upper Pioneer Valley.”

Melin said that this generous gift from Smith College not only helps Cooley Dickinson to further improve its care, it is a major statement about Smith and CDH’s united desire to assure the best quality of life for the community. “With this early and substantial gift, Smith is setting an example for major organizations in our community. Their commitment says that together we can support a state-of-the-art hospital to assure the best of care for all of us who live here.”

Smith College is consistently ranked among the nation’s foremost liberal arts colleges. Enrolling 2,800 students from every state and 60 other countries, Smith is the largest undergraduate women’s college in the country.