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State Sen. Adam Gomez Attends Recovery Day at Magazine Park

BOSTON — State Sen. Adam Gomez joined Valor Recovery Center on Thursday for Recovery Day at Magazine Park in Springfield. The event provided Gándara Center and other Springfield-based nonprofit organizations that address substance-abuse recovery, behavioral health, and wrap-around services an opportunity to interface with the public.

“This morning was an opportune time to underscore the importance of the wrap-around services Gándara Center and others provide for the residents of my district and beyond,” Gomez said. “In addition to bolstering these services, we must also continue the work of destigmatizing substance abuse to afford folks access to employment opportunities and behavioral-health services.”

Founded in 1977 to advocate and provide for equal services in the Hispanic community, Gándara Center delivers bilingual behavioral-health, substance-use, and preventive services for a diverse clientele of nearly 15,000 children, adults, and families each year in 100 locations across Massachusetts. For more information, visit www.gandaracenter.org.