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Swift River Addiction Campus Announces New Executive Director

CUMMINGTON — Swift River Addiction Campus announced the appointment of Erin Andrade, LICSW as its new executive director.

Andrade has extensive experience in behavioral health and addiction medicine, having worked previously as the leader of an emergency-room crisis team, in methadone programming, in forensic psychiatry, and as a leader of several partial-hospital programs.

“Swift River exemplifies what it means to consider the whole person as they begin their path to recovery. I am honored to lead this team of outstanding clinicians, nurses, and providers,” Andrade said, adding that she plans to expand services and to continue to modernize services based on the newest science in addiction medicine.

“We could not be more excited to have Erin at the helm,” said Kyle Ross, director of Inpatient Services for Regard Recovery, the newest owner of Swift River. “Erin brings energy, compassion, and competence to everything she does, and she will lead our excellent team in Massachusetts to new heights.”

Services at Swift River include medical detox from all addictive substances, medication-assisted treatment, and substance-dependence rehab services.