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The Bridge Home Opens in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — The Bridge Home, a nonprofit company providing transitional-living homes for those challenged by substance-use disorder, announced the opening of its first recovery home in Springfield. Serving young men between the ages of 18 and 35, Bridge Home provides a supportive community and access to resources to support abstinence from alcohol and drug use.

“Living in the Bridge Home community and participating in its activities provide a solid path to sustained recovery from substance-use disorder,” said Director of Education Dr. William Cosgriff. “The vast knowledge of our staff is born from personal and professional experience. We are deeply committed and passionate about our work. For us, there is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a person progress down the path toward full potential.”

According to Christopher White, chairman and CEO, “what sets us apart is our focus on integrating needed behaviors and skills into our guests’ daily lives so they learn to manage their disease and live free of alcohol and drugs. We also help each guest build a strong recovery network outside our home, so that when they leave us, they have the support necessary to continue to build long-term recovery.”

Substance-use disorder has no known cure; however, advances in psychology and medicine have enabled those with the disease to successfully manage it. In order to learn to manage the disease, an individual with a serious substance-use disorder will ordinarily proceed through four phases: acute treatment or detox, short-term stabilization, residential and/or outpatient treatment, and transitional living. If an individual does not complete all four phases, the risk of relapse increases. The Bridge Home, as a transitional-living community, is the fourth and final phase in the continuum or treatment and, true to its name, provides a bridge from treatment to sustained recovery.

Applicants to Bridge Home must have abstained from using drugs or alcohol for at least 30 days prior to admission and possess a commitment to building a sustainable recovery.

Regional addiction treatment centers and specialists are urged to e-mail Cosgriff at bill@thebridgehome.org to facilitate a dialogue, schedule an appointment, or tour of the facility.