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The Healing Voices Project Achieves Nonprofit Status to Combat Addiction

AGAWAM — The Healing Voices Project, an initiative dedicated to raising awareness and supporting community programs to combat addiction, announced its official designation as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Led by Mike Tourville, author of Voices from the Fallen, this project has been making a significant impact by fostering open conversations surrounding addiction and recovery. The Healing Voices Project broadcasts weekly episodes across various media platforms, including popular podcast apps and its official website, www.healingvoicesproject.org.

The inspiration behind the Healing Voices Project stems from the success of Tourville’s book, Voices from the Fallen, which powerfully explores the multifaceted nature of addiction through the personal stories of eight diverse individuals. The book has been used by several recovery centers as a useful teaching tool, as it highlights the causes and effects of addiction and sheds light on its enduring impact on families and communities.

Building on this foundation, the Healing Voices Project takes it a step further by involving individuals from all walks of life who have experienced addiction, including those in recovery, bereaved loved ones, substance-use professionals, and community leaders.

Tourville emphasized the project’s purpose as more than just a podcast. “Our conversations delve deep into the personal struggles related to addiction, from broken families, incarceration, and homelessness to inspiring stories of recovery, renewed lives, and healed families. While we may never fully grasp our impact, shared experiences can motivate and encourage people while reducing the stigma that often prevents individuals from seeking help.”

The Healing Voices Project frequently features experts, care providers, and community leaders who provide essential updates on prevention, intervention, and treatment options. “Without the right education,” Tourville said, “well-intentioned families can make decisions that may lead to unfortunate consequences.”

In addition to podcast formats, each program is available on YouTube, offering viewers a more personal experience, Tourville explained. “Seeing the person, getting to know them, and experiencing their emotions through body language and expressions adds depth to our storytelling.”