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The Pulmonary Center at Poet’s Seat Health Care Center Extends Pulmonary Care

GREENFIELD — Poet’s Seat Health Care Center in Greenfield announced that it is now accepting tracheostomy patients as an extension of pulmonary care offered at the facility. A tracheostomy may be necessary to: bypass an obstruction, maintain an open airway, oxygenate/provide mechanical ventilation on a long term basis, inherited abnormality of the larynx or trachea, inability to cough, or for severe neck, mouth or throat injury. Poet’s Seat is the only facility in the surrounding area which offers such clinical respiratory care. All trach care, assessments, and patient education are provided on-site by Sandra Dellert, registered respiratory therapist with the support of Dr. Ajello, Pulmonologist of Baystate Franklin Medical Center, along with the trained nursing staff at Poet’s Seat. “We are thrilled to provide this level of respiratory care at Poet’s Seat — we see it as natural progression of continuity of care for our residents and for the health care needs of the community. It is also an opportunity to advance the skills and knowledge of our clinically experienced and wonderful nursing staff.” states Michele Carney, owner of Poet’s Seat.