‘This Is Me: Portraits of Pathlight’ to Be Displayed in State House Exhibit

BOSTON — All next week, June 12-16, “This Is Me: Portraits of Pathlight” will be displayed for the public on the fourth floor of the State House.

Pathlight, headquartered in Springfield, is dedicated to providing support for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the four counties of Western Mass. The exhibition “This Is Me: Portraits of Pathlight” serves as a vital means of advancing Pathlight’s mission to promote visibility, inclusivity, and the recognition of individuals with disabilities as esteemed members of their community.

A reception for the exhibit is scheduled for Friday, June 16 at 12:30 p.m. in Room 428 of the State House. Health and Human Services Secretary Kate Walsh and Department of Developmental Services Commissioner Jane Ryder will speak at the event, along with Pathlight Executive Director John Roberson. The reception, hosted by state Sen. Jo Comerford and state Rep. Lindsay Sabadosa, is open to the public.

The portraits were shot by renowned photographers from Western Mass. and convey the strength, beauty, complexity, and personality of people with intellectual disabilities and/or autism. The portrait subjects come from across Western Mass.

“Too often, we see that people with disabilities are pushed to the edge of the frame, or are viewed through a sentimental filter that oversimplifies the fullness of the person,” Roberson said. “At Pathlight, we believe that the people we serve are the directors of their own dreams and goals, and they are front and center as the stars in all we do.”

Valle Dwight, Pathlight’s director of Development and Communications, added that “this project, and the portraits individually and collectively as a show, are a stunning visual representation of the person-focused mission of Pathlight.”