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Trinity Health Of New England Kicks Off 2020 New England 61 Day Challenge

HARTFORD, Conn. — Trinity Health Of New England, in partnership with Copper Beach Institute and Cloud9 Online, has kicked off the third annual New England 61 Day Challenge, which inspires colleagues and community members to begin their journey to a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

When participants ‘take the pledge,’ they will gain access to a range of resources to educate about the power of mindfulness practices and encourage ways to create and maintain positive behavior changes long-term. Participants will gain access to MediMind by Cloud9 Online, a mindfulness-based meditation-therapy app, as well as access to a range of live and on-demand virtual sessions hosted by Copper Beach Institute.

“The intention of the New England 61 Day Challenge is to inspire mindfulness when it comes to our total wellness,” said Dr. Reginald Eadie, president and CEO of Trinity Health Of New England. “To say 2020 has been difficult is an understatement. We recognize the impact the pandemic has had on our colleagues and community members and know that they are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety, in some cases at a concerning level. As we continue to serve as a healing presence to our community, we know it is our duty to provide the tools to help reduce those stress levels. We are proud to do so in a unique and innovative way through the New England 61 Day Challenge.”

The challenge runs for the 61 days between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. The annual health initiative runs during the holiday season to inspire the community to start making healthy habits at a time of year when stress reduction is not typically top of mind. The challenge is designed to help individuals get a jump start on establishing healthy habits before the new year. This year, the need is greater than ever to create an avenue for individuals to explore ways to be mindful, be present, be calm, and be compassionate, both with themselves and others.

“As many of us continue to feel more isolated and divided, we are so grateful to be collaborating with Trinity Health Of New England and these other impactful organizations to offer opportunities to connect and grow our resilience together,” said Peter Callahan, Leadership and Engagement director at Copper Beech Institute. “Being mindful does not mean we need to stop thinking, but rather mindfulness is an invitation to notice our thoughts and emotions so that we can make healthier, more intentional choices.”

In its inaugural year, the 61 Day Challenge had more than 3,000 participants at its completion. To date, days before the official kickoff, nearly 1,800 individuals have already taken the pledge to begin their journey to achieve a healthy mind, body, and spirit. For additional details, or to take the pledge, visit ne61daychallenge.org.