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Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group Recognized for Work with High Blood Pressure

SPRINGFIELD — Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group was recognized by the American Heart Assoc. (AHA) and the American Medical Assoc. (AMA) as a leader in the national effort to get patient blood-pressure rates under control and reduce the number of Americans who have heart attacks and strokes each year.

As part of the 2019 Target: BP Recognition Program, AHA and AMA awarded Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group with Gold Status — one of 542 physician practices and health systems to be recognized for achieving blood-pressure control rates of 70% or more in their adult patient population with high blood pressure. A total of 1,183 physician practices and health systems nationwide were recognized by the program for their commitment to help patients improve blood-pressure control. The recognized organizations represent 29.8 million adult patients, with more than 8 million patients diagnosed with hypertension, across 46 states and territories.

Launched in 2015, Target: BP is a national initiative between the AHA and AMA aimed at addressing the growing burden of high blood pressure in the U.S. The initiative aims to help healthcare organizations improve blood-pressure control rates through use of the AMA’s evidence-based M.A.P. quality-improvement program, and recognizes organizations committed to improving blood-pressure control.

“We are proud of the health benefits that so many of our patients with high blood pressure have been able to accrue as a result of this proven, innovative program,” noted Dr. Daniel Weiswasser, Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group’s director of Quality and Clinical Informatics. “This program ensures that our patients’ blood pressures are measured accurately, that lasting blood-pressure control is achieved rapidly, and that patients can collaborate more effectively with their medical providers. This empowers Trinity Health Of New England Medical Group patients to become more aware of the importance of blood-pressure control and the impact that their lifestyle choices can make upon it.”

There are 116 million U.S. adults living with high blood pressure, the nation’s number-one risk factor for heart attack and stroke, and less than half have it controlled to target level. Many patients are unaware of the deadly consequences associated with high blood pressure and that it can be managed working in partnership with their physician to create and follow a treatment plan.

“Although we have the tools to treat high blood pressure, many patients face a variety of barriers that make it difficult to successfully manage the condition. That’s why the American Heart Association and American Medical Association created the Target: BP initiative — to bring patients and providers together to successfully get blood pressure under control,” said AMA President Dr. Patrice Harris. “We applaud the physicians who are already working hard to control their patients’ blood pressure, and we will continue to urge more physician practices, health systems, and patients to join this effort to prioritize the rising risk of high blood pressure and improve health outcomes for patients across the nation.”