Wing Memorial Opens Anticoagulation Clinic

PALMER — Wing Memorial Hospital and Medical Centers recently opened its new Anticoagulation Clinic.


The facility is led by Dr. Bart Soar, medical director for the clinic, and Cindy Mock, RN, the registered nurse coordinating the clinic’s activities. The purpose of the clinic is to help patients monitor and manage medications taken to prevent blood clots such as warfarin (Coumadin).

Anticoagulation is a term that des-cribes the reduced ability of blood to form clots. Anticoagulant medications, commonly called blood thinners, help prevent blood clots from forming. Patients will meet with the registered nurse to review their health history, identify medications, and evaluate the length and safety of their treatment. Under the direction of Soar, Cindy Mock evaluates doses of medication and makes adjustments as necessary. Patients also receive education related to warfarin, such as side effects, and drug and dietary interactions.

“We are dedicated to providing a high level of care for patients who require anticoagulation therapy,” said Soar. “The Anticoagulation Clinic works closely with physicians and clinical staff to ensure safe and effective anticoagulation therapy for patients throughout the Wing Memorial Health Care system.”

By utilizing the Anticoagulation Clinic at Wing Memorial Hospital, patients will receive their dosage results right away, which eliminates delays in medication adjustment, said Mock, registered nurse at the clinic. “I continually communicate with primary care physicians so that we can maximize the benefits of anticoagulation therapy to our patients, while minimizing adverse side effects.”

Another benefit of the Anticoagulation Clinic is that the procedure for obtaining blood is through a finger stick, which is less invasive than the standard blood draw in the hospital’s laboratory.

The Anticoagulation Clinic is located at Wing Memorial Hospital, 40 Wright St., Palmer.

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