WNEU, Big Y Community-based Pharmacy Residency Program Accredited

SPRINGFIELD — Western New England University (WNEU) College of Pharmacy Health Sciences and Big Y Foods, Inc. Community-Based Residency Program has received accreditation from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and the American Pharmacists Assoc. (APhA). The accreditation establishes criteria for training pharmacists for the purpose of achieving professional competence in the delivery of patient-centered care and in pharmacy services.

The purpose of the post-graduate year one (PGY1) Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program is to build upon the doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) education and outcomes to develop community-based pharmacist practitioners with diverse patient care, leadership, and education skills who are eligible to pursue advanced training opportunities, including post-graduate year two (PGY2) specialized residencies and professional certifications.

ASHP’s Commission on Credentialing extended the accreditation of the residency program through 2024. The accreditation means the program meets or exceeds the national standards set for a residency training program.

The WNEU College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Big Y Foods Community-Based Residency Program is the only such university-based initiative in Western Mass.

“We provide the ability to tailor the residency to the interests of the resident. Big Y, as a local, family-owned company, supports the resident to excel and advance the practice of pharmacy where the impact can be felt and seen in the community,” said Kam Capoccia, WNEU clinical professor of Community Care and PGY1 Community-Based Residency Program director. “Our program provides opportunities for the resident to teach students, patients, healthcare professionals, and members of the community. Some of our graduates have stayed on with Big Y and some have pursued a PGY2 residency in ambulatory care.”

Big Y Pharmacist Dr. Amanda Pelland became the Medication Therapy Management (MTM) specialist for Big Y Pharmacy & Wellness Centers after completing the residency. “This unique position was created for me based on the research and experiences in that one year of training,” she said. “The program provides opportunities to create innovative programs and to do more as a pharmacist.”

This year, the residency program graduated its fifth resident. Three of the graduates are Big Y pharmacists who have created new pharmacy services, and two graduates went on to pursue PGY2 ambulatory-care residencies.

WNEU College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences also offers a PGY1 Community-Based Pharmacy Residency Program with Walgreens. This program began in 2014 and is also accredited by ASHP and APhA.