AMA Applauds Modernized Nutrition Label Highlighting Sugar Levels

CHICAGO — The American Medical Assoc. (AMA) applauded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for releasing its modernized Nutrition Facts Label to reflect the latest in scientific research to help consumers maintain healthy dietary practices. The new label, which will appear on the back of all packaged foods and beverages, lists added sugar in addition to total sugar.

“The newly updated Nutrition Facts Label better equips consumers with the information they need to make healthy food and beverage choices and ultimately help improve health outcomes for patients across the country,” said AMA President Dr. Steven Stack. “We commend the FDA for modernizing the label, particularly the inclusion of added sugars, which we believe will be extremely helpful in preventing the debilitating chronic medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, currently affecting millions of Americans.”

The AMA has long-standing policies on sugar-sweetened beverage consumption, reducing sodium intake, and obesity prevention, which served as guidance for the AMA’s comments submitted to the FDA in 2014 regarding the proposed Nutrition Facts Label. These policies call for improving consumer education on the positive health impacts associated with healthier food and beverage consumption, and the enhanced nutrition label is an important tool in implementing this strategy.