AMA Survey Finds Doctors Enthusiastic About Digital Health Innovation

CHICAGO — Physicians are optimistic about digital health innovation and its game-changing potential to benefit medicine, according to a new survey released by the American Medical Assoc. (AMA). While there is broad-based optimism, physicians tell the AMA there are certain aspects digital health tools must have to turn their enthusiasm into adoption.

The physician survey was conceived by AMA and conducted by Kantar TNS, one of the world’s largest research agencies, to investigate physician motivations, current usage, and expectations for integrating digital health tools into their practices. The survey of 1,300 physicians was administered July 7-18, and covers a broad range of digital health tools, including telemedicine and telehealth, mobile health, wearable devices, remote monitoring, mobile apps, and others.

Among the key findings, the physician survey showed:

• There is a sense of enthusiasm among physicians for digital health, with broad-based optimism common among physicians of all age groups, practice settings, and tenures. While the level of enthusiasm exceeds current adoption rates, physicians expect to use more digital health tools in the near future.

• Physicians overwhelmingly see potential for digital health to favorably impact patient care, with 85{06cf2b9696b159f874511d23dbc893eb1ac83014175ed30550cfff22781411e5} of those surveyed saying that digital health solutions are advantageous to patient care.

• Physicians are also optimistic that digital health has potential for improving practice efficiencies, patient safety, and diagnostic ability, while reducing burnout.

• Physicians rated the following elements as most important for adoption of digital health tools: liability coverage, data privacy, and workflow integration with electronic medical record systems. Physicians also look for tools that are easy to use and proven to be effective.

“The AMA is dedicated to shaping a future when digital health tools are evidence-based, validated, interoperable, and actionable,” said Dr. Steven Stack, AMA immediate past president. “To make this prospect a reality in the near term, the AMA is ensuring that physicians play a greater role in leading digital health innovations that expand the bounds of science, enhance patient care, shape a better healthcare system, and improve the health of the nation.”

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